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Who doesn’t love to use Ikea for home decorating projects? I had

a spare shelf unit that I never put together and I figured that I should spruce it up a bit and make it into a bench and a shelf. Give it an identity that was unique and decorate my house a bit you know? Now you don’t need any decor classes to put this furniture together, I promise you it’s extremely easy. So I had everything that I needed in my shop which was the Ikea shelf unit, some pieces of lumber, screws/power drill, paint, stain, spackling and a sanding block. The first thing I did was measure the width and length of my shelf unit and cut the lumber according to those measurements (see video). Then I sanded them down and conditioned the wood that I would be using as the bench part (this is optional, I had time), let that dry and stain the top pieces of wood (I was able to fit 3 pieces). After you complete that then again we have to let it dry completely and apply the poly (and yes let it dry!).

Now that we have prepped the wood components fully, it’s time to put the shelving unit together. I took about 30-35 minutes to complete my shelving unit. So my 3 pieces of wood were lined up flush on the floor and I flipped the unit over to rest on it with about an inch space on both ends. Stay with me now because this is where the real back-breaking work comes in, literally. We now have to use the holes already in my Ikea shelf and drill corresponding holes for the screws that I need to put in to secure the wood to the shelf. This has to be done (ready?) all of 36 times! I had to make sure that there was no sliding of that wood once I tipped it over. Next, I incorporated some trim for the edges because I want this to look pretty damn official in the man cave, just be careful to not drill into the area where there are already screws in the shelf ok? Finally, it’s time to board up the back of the shelf bench (I used 2 pieces of wood for this that I had painted white to match the shelf) and secured them with the screws on the ends and to the separating boards in the shelf unit. That’s it! Put a throw cushion on there and lounge away!


15. Measuring up my boards for the shelf unit. | apartment decor ideas

For my shelf unit soon to turn “shelf bench unit”, I need to cut some lumber up for the additional parts that would make it into a bench as well as the shelf (apartment decor ideas).

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